Luke Sandler – an Outstanding Business Expert

Luke Sandler NYC EntrepreneurLuke Sandler lives in New York City where he is currently a strategic adviser for Gershon Media, but his involvement in the industry doesn’t end there. He is also an adviser for VentureOut, Supernode Ventures, Blue {Seed} Collective, NY Pace, and Gaingels. Luke was a former editor for the motion picture industry in Hollywood where he spent eight years and met some of brightest minds in the business.

Luke was born and raised in London where he received his MA at the University of Oxford in Modern History. Then he expanded his knowledge by attending Columbia Business School where he received his MBA in Entrepreneurship. Luke enjoys being an adviser and product manager to tech companies that are experiencing fast growth with a focus on market entry, product development, and fundraising.

He also works with a variety of venture funds, startups, micro-VC’s, and consulting firms as a strategic adviser. Additionally, his services and focus can be seen in these sectors as well:

Product Management

It doesn’t matter what the venture is, whether it’s a new tech company or media firm? Luke Sandler New York expert specializes in media consulting and as a media investor, he knows every angle in the biz. He can advise business managers and CEOs with forecasting, planning, marketing or production of a product during all phases of the product lifecycle. This is where Luke’s knowledge in product lifecycle management (PLM) becomes a benefit and asset for the company.

He knows how to integrate data, business systems, and people into one functioning network that operates as a whole. As a startup advisor for giants like McKinsey & Company and Feldberg Fellowship, Luke’s knowledge in PLM plays an important role for companies that are looking to expand, profit, and grow their product production. He can see a strategy and product vision that is different and takes a unique approach to deliver important data based on customer demands.

Product Management
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Sales and Marketing

Luke knows, in the past, sales and marketing used to be looked at as just a honed skill; however, in today’s world, top marketers must provide measurable results, make data-driven decisions and be analytical. If a business doesn’t utilize the right insight for evaluating ROI campaigns, they can’t tie revenues to campaigns or even prioritize. Luke can measure a company’s ROI by reviewing their social media activity and avoid costly over investments in social media that do not hold the weight for it yet.

He understands that business’s marketing techniques can impact the bottom line, which in turn, cost the company time, energy, and money. He uses a sophisticated analytics platform that allows him to bridge the gap between sales activities and marketing. Luke can tie actual customers to campaigns; therefore, making a business more informed to spend the proper budget for their sales and marketing department.