Luke Sandler: Helping Businesses Grow

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Get E-commerce Advice from Luke Sandler

Luke Sandler can help a business develop an e-commerce strategy that not only increases their online presence, but generates sales as well. His advice to create an online store can make the road a little less bumpier by utilizing e-commerce principles and explaining how your online business should benefit from e-commerce. He understands and researches the required guidelines to implement an e-business plan that is tailored to your business to be successful with building an online store.

Luke can guide business managers with advice on finding a niche product that is hard for consumers to find in department stores or malls and target this product to generate sales and bring brand awareness to your company. It doesn’t matter if you have an existing site or are developing a new startup site? He can help activate an e-commerce enabled website with shopping cart capabilities that offer the consumer options like shipping and payments.

Agile Project Management

Luke Sandler is very experienced at Agile project management (APM), which is an iterative approach to guiding and planning project processes. The same principles and small sections that apply to Agile software development are the same for APM. These small sections are known as iterations and relates to a single cycle of development.

Each iteration or section of the business model is critiqued and reviewed by Luke, and it can even include certain representatives or various project stakeholders. Luke’s insight and knowledge gained from the critique is valuable information for a business because it determines the course of action and next step of the project. If your business is experiencing a loss in profits, but can’t pinpoint the source, put Luke’s APM skills to work and get an answer.